About US

StratWit is a Total Solutions Management Company with real focus on customer experience and becoming trusted advisor for our clients.

StratWit was established in 2014 with a real focus on Clients, People and Technology as its core. We pride ourselves on recruiting, training and retaining the best people, constant use of innovation, best use of technology and a fantastic range of long standing clients to work with. Our first objective is to always add value to our clients business and put them at the centre of our world. We do this best when we achieve excellence through consistently providing high quality services aligned with our clients’ needs.

Expert Team

50 Years’ Experience

Multi-Cultural Company

24/7/365 Support

100% Satisfaction

Supportive Environment

Our Process

An effective online solution begins with a thoughtful plan.
From idea-storming to implementation, we keep you in the loop on our progress.


Our Clients

Our clients trust us to interact with their most precious assets; their Brand, their Customers, their Business Consulting requirements or getting them the Top Talent. For much of the consumer and Business world, StratWit simply does not exist as we seamlessly morph into our clients brands and deliver their brand promise. It is here where a designed customer experience and great business results coupled with great people gives clients complete confidence in our expert abilities.

Our People

Great people deliver great experiences and great business results. It’s almost as simple as that, but clearly they need the full support of the entire company to be great.

Support for our people comes from extensive training and a working environment they enjoy, along with contact access through the best systems. Additionally all staff are engaged in the running of the business with regular feedback and working parties to continuously improve processes, systems and the business as a whole.


Consumer and Business choice is more powerful than ever and will continue to strengthen and constantly change. Utilising best in class CRM systems StratWit has developed services to allow contact across Social Media, Telephone, Email and Web.

Our internal development team are challenged to look at future requirements and technologies to meet this evolving demand and make StratWit future proof as the Total Solutions Management Company.