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StratWit is a Total Solutions Management Company with real focus on customer experience and becoming trusted advisor for our clients. StratWit was established in 2014 with a real focus on Clients, People and Technology as its core. We pride ourselves on recruiting, training and retaining the best people, constant use of innovation, best use of technology and a fantastic range of long standing clients to work with. Our first objective is to always add value to our clients business and put them at the centre of our world. We do this best when we achieve excellence through consistently providing high quality services aligned with our clients’ needs.


IT Services

Web Application

StratWit’s experienced web developers develop web solutions that are in absolute sync with the ultimate business goals. From creating engaging user-friendly designs to embedding elements for concrete search engine success,

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Brand Management

At StratWit, we understand the importance of achieving, sustaining and safeguarding the brand value. This is the reason we dedicate an entire team of brand management experts who understand, organize, extend and protect

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Content Optimization

StratWit’s understanding of online content optimization makes it a leading industry expert in the world of search engine optimization (SEO). For any brand to stay visible, rank high on search engine result pages, beat competition and pull traffic,

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Our Process

An effective online solution begins with a thoughtful plan.
From idea-storming to implementation, we keep you in the loop on our progress.



We ensure that your brand and website clearly represent who you are and your mission in the world.



We help you navigate the changing digital landscape with confidence, use your time and resources wisely, and see your strategy at work.



We help you delight your customers over and over with engaging content and timely messaging.

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