Digitalization to Digital Transformation

Enhanced Efficiency

Stratwit Solutions Ltd. Solution offers business improving operation by implementing an EPR system and encourage digital culture. This results in efficient communication within departments, the continuous flow of the data, and the effective use of finances and resources.

Improved Transparency

Our SAP B1 System assists you in maintaining visibility and control, current processes, and identifying patterns and trends. We ensure transparency across teams. This feature has made monitoring for both the customers and the accounting team easy and transparent. Client’s being our priority can see who is handling all their work and payment and can address the issue quickly contrary to wait for updates.

Time and Cost-Efficient

We believe that time is money so we strive to offer the best strategic and data-based solution. The whole transformation into digital format has made the business procedures cost-efficient by limiting the use of paper and extra transport costs. We make sure that your time and money are being used efficiently.

Digitalization to Digital Transformation

Revenue Generation and Growth

We use the best business process by reducing costs and ensure transparency in employees, clients, and management. We drive revenue through trend evaluation, pattern recognition, and capitalization of data-driven opportunities.

Best Customer Experience

Our customers are our top priority. We work to make their lives easier and simpler by CRM. We make sure that our clients understand all the procedures and processes and offer remote support services. We let our customers see the available services and products, inventory remaining, monitor all the processes, and working in the Human Resource and overall purchasing process.

Optimized Process

The automated system we offer not only opens the doors of better and reliable e-commerce channels and track inventory and sales but also helps in the growth and optimization of our client's reach.

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