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Stratwit Solutions Ltd. offers SAP Business One related solutions and support services to its Canadian clients, focused on meeting business growth challenges. We have built a rock-solid reputation of top reliable, agile and cost-effective ERP solutions provider.

Our SAP Business One ERP solutions are expressly customized to meet the requirements and challenges of every client that chooses us as their partner, and for us, failure just doesn’t feed the cat.

Contact Us to discuss how we can provide you with an affordable, scalable, easy to implement and flexible solution to help you manage and grow your business.

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SAP  Business One01 SAP BusinessOne solution design and implementation, On premise or cloud deployment

Stratwit provides this service at preferred rates to you and other resellers. No one knows about SAP Business One as well as we do, and surely nobody can design and implement the solution as fast as we can. Your clients will give you full marks and you will get more referrals from every client of yours that we serve. The whole nine yards – and beyond.

While designing the solution we will make use of minimum number of SAP Users, to determine the most optimum cost for the client. We will use our existing extensions/plugins/add-ons/Utilities if it helps cutting down the cost for your clients or make use of our well experienced and knowledgeable full-stack programmers to develop special ones that best suit your clients.

SAP  Business One02 Post-Implementation Service Level Agreement for SAP Business One ERP

To keep your clients satisfied Stratwit offers excellent services under SLA, again at special rates for you and other resellers. While we draw up the SLA keeping in mind the requirements of your clients, we do and will go several extra miles, free of additional costs to you or your clients, to keep your clients happy and satisfied and we are never thin on patience. We will have all hands on deck in case your client needs us. And rest assured, we will not steal your thunder for the client

SAP  Business One03 Managed Services For SAP Business One

Specially for you and other resellers, Stratwit is there for the long haul with every client and to prove that, we can space out our solution design and implementation charges for you over a 12-months period. It puts our skin in the game and we do everything possible, and beyond, to earn our revenues. After you have paid all our charges over these 12 months, we will offer you an SLA at a rate you can’t refuse. Whatever floats your boat with your client, we are ready to provide.

SAP  Business One04 SAP Business One Resources

Stratwit offers to you and other reseller’s certified and experienced resources for SAP Business One, no matter it is designed and deployed by us or others, at a highly competitive rate. We can offer for a certain period or as a ripcord for your situational difficulties. It is all right up our alley and we will never bail on you.

SAP Business One Solution Design, Implementation & Support Services

Business Solutions

Our SAP B1 ERP based solutions are highly cost-effective, which maximize the built-in customization and flexibility of the world’s largest selling ERP. Our solution grows with the clients’ business at little or no extra costs.

Over the years, we have built expertise in three areas; experience of various business sectors, ability to learn each client’s specific business challenges, and skills to customize SAP Business One and use our smart plug-ins to meet those challenges. We use this triple expertise to develop, implement and support the solution to empower the client address its issues and challenges.

Our Triple Expertise

Business Solutions

Phases in Solution Deployment

Business Solutions

Business Consulting | Digital Marketing | Web Applications ERP Solution

SAP Business One

Business Solutions

A product of globally known Germany based multinational company, SAP SE, SAP Business One is the planet earth’s top selling ERP, with over 90,000 companies worldwide using it to leverage their profitable growth. Because it is splendidly customizable, incredibly scalable and remarkably affordable.

Business Solutions

Due to the abundance of existing clients and the growing list of prospects, there is no dearth of SAP Business One certified consultants around the world.

The SAP Business One ERP manages the entire business full 360 degrees, no matter how complex it is – from accounting and finance, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing, sales and customer relationships, and project management, to operations and human resources.

Business Consulting | Digital Marketing | Web Applications Stratwit Solutions Ltd. Plug Ins

Part of our SAP Business One centered solutions for the clients’ business operations, these cost saving Plug-ins are the software tools we have developed to keep SAP Business One affordable, yet comprehensive, for businesses where both revenues and complexities are rising. This is IT leverage at its best.

Business Consulting | Digital Marketing | Web Applications ERP Solution

SAP Business One Support Services

Stratwit Solutions Ltd. offers highly cost-effective standalone Support Services relating with already deployed SAP B1 solutions, to its own clients, as well as those companies that have procured SAP B1 ERP from other vendors.

Our support services, apart from being highly competitive as compared to other vendors, are multidimensional. In our experience, SAP B1 vendors generally consider giving support services to their clients as an also-ran, non-descript, non-event type in their business offerings, which is why these vendors do not focus in this vertical. For us, it is way too different.

When any vendor, including Stratwit Solutions Ltd., install the SAP B1 ERP for any client, the latter is often not able to maximize its Return on Investment on and potential of the solution, because it is new to the ERP. It is much later that the client becomes significantly familiar with the solution, but by then the vendor has left and is either not responding to the client’s requests or the support is lackluster. And not to forget, too expensive for the client.

Stratwit Solutions Ltd.’s support services come at a very reasonable costs, and include the following services:

  • Further customization
  • Reconfiguring the solution to match the (changing) business needs
  • Develop new custom reports
  • System Training
  • System audits

Contact Us to discuss how we can provide you with an affordable, scalable, easy to implement and flexible solution or standalone support services to help you maximize the potential of SAP Business One ERP solution.

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