Digital Transformation
What is it and why it’s good

Smarter, Greener, Better

A digital business transformation is smart, it’s green, it’s forward-thinking, and it’s totally possible with our help.

We’re cost effective, but really experienced

We always try to use any solutions you’ve invested in already, and your company’s strengths and resources, to provide the most cost-effective solution possible, while applying our depth of experience to come up with unique and powerful plans that get you to your targets, as quickly as possible.

We’re very pro technology

We aim to incorporate computer technology into every aspect of our business solutions, from the way products are designed and manufactured, to the way services are developed and offered, and how customers and employees are cared for.

We’re also pro green

Limiting or eliminating paper and fax usage and unnecessary travel are just a few ways your office will be a little easier on the planet, and a lot greener, after undergoing a digital transformation.

And we’re very pro bottom line

Going as digital as possible allows your business to be agile in an ever-changing marketplace, while protecting cash-flow and keeping overhead under control, and maximising target market size and process efficiency.

We just like a smart choice

A digital transformation plan positions your business to survive and thrive, and have a real competitive edge, in a world where technology is becoming more and more vital to a healthy economy. It let’s your customers and employees know that you’re taking your shared future seriously, and it protects your investment in your business, and with StratWit Solutions, you don’t have to do it alone.

Digital Transformation
Our process and what you can expect

we love a good plan

We listen to you and find out everything we can about your business, it’s IT structure, it’s processes, and what challenges it is facing. We make a really clear strategic plan that integrates seamlessly with your current practices, upgrading where we can, and make recommendations for technology, software, training, and workflow improvements, or overhauls.

Whether it’s big, or little

A 360-degree digital transformation project may include evaluating and rethinking every element aspect of a company, from supply chains and workflows to staff skills and org charts, customer interactions, Finance, Human resources and stakeholder value propositions.

And some step-by-step guidance

Once we all agree on what needs to be done, we provide the tools and the how-to until your entire business processes are modernized and up-to-date. We offer virtual hand-holding, customised consulting packages, and respectful answers to all your questions at every step of the transformation process.

As you go, and we help you grow

As your digital transformation improves your bottom line and your market share, we’ll be here to help you scale your data-driven strategies and business offerings, and support you as you chart new growth. We love to see our customers achieve and exceed their plans and dreams, and we’re always happy to adjust plans with you.

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